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Visendo SMTP Extender Plus for Windows

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POP3 Server Software Application for Personal and Professional Use

Visendo SMTP Extender Plus is an email-based software application intended to replace a missing POP3 server that is associated with specific operating systems. It also acts as a "bridge" which can adapt to normal email protocols such as Outlook and Windows Mail. Users will not be required to pay before a download.

POP3 server for Windows. Monitors a drop folder, provides e-mails for collection via POP3 protocol.

Visendo SMTP Extender is a full POP3 server for Windows operating systems (also for Windows Server 2008, as a substitute for the missing POP3 service there). It monitors an e-mail drop folder, such as IIS "mailroot \ drop", and provides the e-mails to clients for collection via the POP3 protocol.

Visendo SMTP Extender is solving the problem of sending and receiving emails in Windows 2008 IIS SMTP Server without the missing POP3 server. It is simple and fast to install and configure.

It isvey useful for former Windows 2003 users that upgrade to 2008 and miss the integrated POP3 Server to provide IIS or SharePoint emails.


  • Supports multiple domain users and accounts
  • Users have the option to adjust processing features and settings


  • Visendo SMTP Extender Plus is only designed to work with specific operating systems
  • Highly technical in nature and likely to confuse novice users

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Visendo SMTP Extender Plus


Visendo SMTP Extender Plus 1.1.2 for PC

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